Aikido of Ventura County

About AVC

Aikido of Ventura County is where traditional martial arts practice meets harmony, cooperation, and personal growth.

At Aikido of Ventura County, you will learn how to blend with an attack and redirect it, while also applying this to everyday personal communication skills. We focus on how to fall/roll safely, blending with attacks, centering, and body awareness.

Sensei Laura FleischLaura Hooton Sensei is a Ni-Dan (second degree black belt) in Aikido, having trained at Aikido of San Diego in San Diego, California. Laura is also a graduate student in History at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Visit our Register page to sign up for classes at Aikido of Ventura County.  Classes are $56.70/month for Camarillo residents and $78.00/month for non-residents.